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Hiring an Attorney for Debt Collection Defense

When you get sued by a creditor regarding their collection of a debt, you may ultimately decide to hire legal representation to defend you in the lawsuit. A debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach will typically represent both creditors and debtors. This puts them in a unique position to understand both sides of most debt collections cases.

Debtors understandably dread hearing from collection agencies seeking repayment on money they own. Similarly, creditors hate when those that owe them money dodge their phone calls. Finding yourself in either situation will likely require assistance from a qualified legal professional.

Time is a Substantial Factor

If a process server or sheriff serves you with papers outlining a collections suit, it is essential to act quickly. Depending on the rules for cases of this nature in your specific jurisdiction, you may wield as little as five days to respond. Nevertheless, the process of service will include a court summons that outlines the amount of time you possess to respond.

Unfortunately, without a timely response, the court will likely enter a default judgment against you. This will essentially award victory to the creditor in the case the same as if the case proceeded with you present in the courtroom. For this reason, enlisting the legal counsel of a debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach remains vital for the best possible outcome.

Should You Hire a Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Pompano Beach?

If a creditor sues you, you will likely begin wondering if you should enlist a qualified attorney. This depends in large part whether or not the creditor can prove their case against you, in addition to how much debt collection defense representation will cost versus what the creditor can lawfully collect from you.

Nevertheless, even if you don’t hire a lawyer, their legal guidance will help you evaluate a creditor’s potential case. They may also analyze your circumstances while helping you decide on the best legal course of action for your needs.

If you currently remain in debt, the following signs may indicate that you need legal representation:

  • Creditors frequently calling your home or work
  • Inability to repay loans that you legally owe
  • Threats of legal action from creditors
  • Unfair treatment at the hands of debt collection companies or specialists

A debt collection attorney in Pompano Beach can possibly even reduce or eliminate loans. They will help you decide on your best course of action regarding your lawsuit. Many of these lawyers also operate as creditor rights representative as well. In this capacity, they work specifically for creditors, helping them to regain the money that debtors owe to them.

What You Can Expect Working with a Debt Collection Attorney in Pompano Beach

These attorneys help creditors put a plan in place to regain their money they loaned. If the case reaches the courtroom phase, the timeframe and amount a creditor can obtain depends on the judge’s final ruling. Additionally, when cases settle outside of court, attorneys represent crucial assets to negotiate terms on either side of the case.

Debtors face very similar outcomes as creditors. However, instead of receiving any money, they can expect to repay at least the amount borrowed. Fortunately, with debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach, they often can get the number owed to a lower amount.

In any case, both creditors and debtors can resolve the case. In the end, neither side will need to interact with the other again. A debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach represents the best way to avoid either side feeling they were taken advantage of. In any scenario that you feel you cannot handle a creditor or debtor, attorneys can assist you through their knowledge and expertise.

As you seek an attorney for your needs, they will likely ask you about the age of the debt, in addition to the transaction that initiated this relationship with the creditor or debtor. They might also inquire about other debts that determine if it makes more sense for a debtor to consider solutions like bankruptcy or debt settlement.

If the debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach thinks settlement remains a possibility, they will also want to know the maximum amount that you can pay on the debt.

The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. – Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Pompano Beach

When you hire legal representation, it is essential that you cooperate with the lawyer and provide them with any information they need to proceed with the case. In turn, you should expect competence, ethical behavior, and adequate communication as the case progresses.

A debt collection lawsuit is not a situation creditors or debtors should endure alone. A debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach reflects a powerful asset from either side of the litigating table. They can even alter the outcome of a case for either involved party.

Our firm the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. serves as both debtor defense and creditor rights attorneys. This offers us a unique position that helps us negotiate on behalf of debtors, or secure repayment for creditors in debt collection lawsuits.

The firm has represented individuals, small businesses, as well as large corporations in litigation and mediation. For more information on a debt collection defense attorney in Pompano Beach from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L., contact our professional and experienced attorneys today!

We are here to help YOU with any business litigation matter you may have!