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debt collection defense attorney in pembroke pines

Do You Need a Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Pembroke Pines?

Many people attempt to stop creditor harassment and bill collection on their own. Unfortunately, these same people may realize what a difficult endeavor this may represent, finally contacting a professional legal representative for help. When individuals attempt to stop a harassing creditor or bill collector on their own, they may face a number of setbacks or roadblocks.

Attempting to cease creditor harassment activities on your own with a debt collection defense attorney in Pembroke Pines is very difficult. This is especially true for those who already experience a disruption in their lives due to these issues.

When you hire a debt collection defense attorney in Pembroke Pines, the debt collection entity must contact this legal representative instead of you. This often provides a substantial amount of relief from the harassment.

A legal professional may also help you take the necessary steps to stop harassment entirely. This may include sending legal correspondence demanding debtor communication cease. They could also request validation and proper calculation regarding the debt. Finally, a legal professional may send letters to contest the debt.

In the event that the bill collector or collections agency refuses to stop, the debt collection defense attorney in Pembroke Pines may choose to file a lawsuit. Taking legal action against creditors involves your lawyer reviewing any of your existing records, subpoenaing phone records, dispatching private investigation professionals, and reviewing any cases previously involving the opposing problem.

Types of Debt Collector Harassment Violations

Debt collector harassment reflects a direct violation of federal law. Our debt collection defense attorney in Pembroke Pines from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. wants to impart some information outlining some examples of common practices debt collectors may utilize to harass consumers. The following information will additionally display legal regulations these entities may fail to follow.

It is not uncommon for a debt or bill collector to violate at least one facet of the law during even an initial phone call. They will typically commit many more violations during the entire course of the collection process.

  • Harassment – in the legal realm, no precise definition exists regarding harassing conduct. However, common examples include frequent, daily phone calls to alleged debtors. This may also involve calling their family and friends.

Debt collectors may also call on back to back days, repeating their calls with no messages. These, as well as hang-ups and utilizing robot-dialing systems all,  constitute harassing tactics that remain illegal on a federal level.

  • Collecting Invalid Debts – No debt or bill collection entity may attempt collection for an amount that is more than what the debtor owes. This includes banks and mortgage companies.

A debt collection agency may tack on additional totally though higher interest rates, late feed when the debtor pays on time, as well as invalid penalties and other miscellaneous costs.

  • Contacting Third Parties – A debt collection entity cannot speak to any third party concerning the debt without permission from the alleged debtor. This includes family members, neighbors, friends, employers, as well as coworkers. Nevertheless, the third-party contact remains legal and permissible when the debt collector is inquiring about the debtor’s location.

Seeking out the Services of a Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Pembroke Pines

When enduring a creditor’s lawsuit, it is important to consider hiring a debt collection defense attorney in Pembroke Pines. Nevertheless, your need for their services will heavily depend on whether or not the creditor can prove the case against you, in addition to how much your defense will cost.

Even when you don’t end up hiring a lawyer, their legal counsel can help you evaluate where your case stands. Legal intervention in any form provides a plethora of valuable information that will help you determine the creditor’s case, and your personal circumstances while you cultivate the best course of action for your needs.

A Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Pembroke Pines from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L.

We take pride in our legal practice acting as a crucial resource for individuals defending against creditor lawsuits in the South Florida community. However, we extend our unrelenting commitment to debtor rights on a national level when client needs arise.

Nevertheless, our firm represents creditors in court and at the negotiating table as well. This stance we take on creditor/debtor issues provides us with a unique perspective. Furthermore, by operating in both prosecution and defense, this enables our attorneys to offer preeminent legal representation for either side.

Our firm frequently negotiates as an advocate on the behalf of a variety of clients. This could involve helping debtors lower their total amount owed, coming to an agreement with the creditor. However, this can also mean determining the actual amount of a debt. Then pursuing justice for the creditor during litigation.

Our debt collection attorney in Pembroke Pines from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. began helping creditors and debtors over 20 years ago. Over this time, our attorneys helped individuals needing to renegotiate their debts or obtain owed property from a debtor.

When you enlist our legal professionals, you gain a partner at your side whether this is in court, or during negotiation. Our firm represents varying clients from small businesses to large corporations.

For more information on our debt collection attorney in Pembroke Pines, contact the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. to schedule a consultation today!

We are here to help YOU with any business litigation matter you may have!