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Enforcement of Judgments With Debt Collection

 Collections Attorney

Florida is commonly referred to as a haven for debtors. With many exemptions, regulations, and rights in defense of those who owe, it can seem as though the nickname is true. However, there are some things that a lender can do in order to achieve an outcome they would prefer, proving “debtors haven” can be a misnomer.

First Line of Defense against Debtors

The best place to begin when reclaiming a debt is actually in prevention from the very beginning. At the time a credit application is being completed it is imperative that a complete and accurate application is submitted. This seems like a fairly basic step in the process, and may even feel a bit redundant, but it is important that the customer doesn’t get away with providing you with erratic or incorrect information. It is actually fairly common to see credit granted where the application is either incomplete or contains inaccurate information.

When preparing a suit against a debtor, the credit application is generally the first thing that we go over to determine the legal identity of the debtor, as well as their location or place of residence. Having accurate information when beginning debt collections legal services aids in the accuracy of the correct individual or entity to sue.

When to Hire a Collections Attorney

It is not uncommon for people, as well as businesses, to fail to meet the obligations of their debts. Businesses often are able to take action independently to get paid, and sometimes are successful, but not always. There are Florida legalities and regulations in place to aid companies in reclaiming debts, and many times it is more advantageous to consult with a debt collections law firm in South Florida for their assistance in collecting outstanding debts.

If you’re a South Florida company that has exhausted many of their resources like phone calls and letters in order to reclaim an outstanding sum, there are corporate law firms in Miami equipped with the experience and the know-how to get the job done and achieve a positive outcome for your situation.

A debt collection legal professional can engage in what is often a more effective form of correspondence to encourage repayment. Demand letters on legal stationary can be very effective in bringing clients “back to the table” so to speak. Debtors have a much better sense of the seriousness of a situation when the feel they may run afoul and end up pleading their case in civil court.

Debt collection attorneys are not without their own costs, so it is important to weight out the debt collection costs versus giving up on the collection procedure entirely. We find that sometimes with clients, the outstanding sum of the debt owed isn’t enough to warrant the costs of fully pursuing the debt. Depending on the size of both your business and the debt, it may be critical to collect on outstanding sums.

Something additional to think about is whether or not you desire, or are even willing to take your debtor to court in an attempt for a positive and inevitable resolution to the dispute. Hiring an attorney in those matters is imperative, and is also where their services are most valuable. Debt collection attorneys will negotiate terms and meaningful payment plans on your behalf and can be incredibly effective towards the outcome you’re looking for.

Some businesses also elect to hire debt collection agencies, and sometimes this is a savvy move, but collection management companies often don’t carry the same ramifications that a collection attorney does with debtors. Many debtors work with collection agencies on a regular basis and know the tips and tricks to avoid their obligations, and also understand that receiving a letter or a phone call from an agency doesn’t always come accompanied with a negative impact on them. We often see some of these same types of individuals “running scared” back to own up to their obligations after receiving a legal demand letter from a qualified attorney that is bolstered by a court of law and the implication of a potential lawsuit.

Enlist a Qualified South Florida Attorney

For many years the attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert P.L. have assisted their clients in the South Florida area to recover delinquent debts. The team has pioneered reliable and aggressive strategies to ensure that cases and negotiations are resolved both affordably and in a time-conscious manner. The collections department at the firm is comprised of dedicated legal professionals that are not only qualified but experienced in handling high volumes of collection matters.

Don’t waste a minute to begin the collection procedure on your debt. Whether that means handling the debt reclaiming procedures on your own, or hiring a credit collection company, you can still use the expert advice and consult a qualified legal professional in the South Florida area.

Attempting to make yourself whole again can be a hectic and time-consuming procedure, let alone attempting to navigate the complicated legal system without the assistance of a qualified professional. Early intervention from an experienced South Florida attorney can make the difference between a quick and mutually beneficial resolution, and months in court with still no outcome in sight. Our team wants to help you reclaim your debt, and once again own what is rightfully yours.

The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert P.L. understands that bad things can happen to decent people in case of debtors, but that’s no reason for your company to have to suffer, and lose out on what is rightfully yours.

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