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The debt collection attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L., are experienced in the enforcement of judgments with debt collection. We help creditors with debt enforcement through litigation and handle debts in pre-litigation for both retail and commercial clients. Our services are utilized to aid creditors in collecting judgment debts and their real property that is rightfully owed. Contact our firm for representation in enforcing a judgment.

Once you have achieved a successful outcome in a case, the court does not collect your entitled funds for you.  It is, unfortunately, the creditor that is responsible for judgment recovery services. Our firm can help. While a court may provide the documentation bolstered by the legal ramifications of the judgment, actually receiving your real property can be a different story altogether without the enlistment of a qualified attorney at your side.

If you are in need of debt collection & enforcement services, the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert P.L. can help you maximize the chances of recovering your judgment in addition to the unpaid debt. Our team will work harmoniously with you in order to cultivate a specific strategy that is both cost-effective and possesses a high probability of success in court. Below is a list of some of the tools we have at our disposal to collect unpaid judgments in the State of Florida


Domestication a Foreign Judgement in Florida


We have extensive experience domesticating judgments in Florida and can help you collect on that out-of-state judgment.


Some defendants are simply uncollectable, so the first step before even writing a demand letter is to run an asset search.


This statute is the “hidden gem” of post-judgment collections, but it’s rarely used by creditors collecting judgments.


Failure to abide by this statute may result in the likely dissolution of the garnishment. This could spell trouble for the judgment creditor.

Bankruptcy Attorney Miami, Florida collection attorney


This is an effective collections tool for recovering an unpaid judgment. Unfortunately, many creditors don’t follow the requirements.

Property Lawyer


If the judgment debtor has a membership interest in a Florida LLC, things can get complicated, which can result in a charging order.

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