Collections Lawyer Miami

Collections Lawyer Miami

Specializing in Creditor Rights and Commercial Collections

Miami is located between the Florida Everglades and Biscayne Bay and remains one of the United States’ largest metropolitan areas. Miami-Dade County has 32 municipalities, and residents in the area hail from over 121 countries and speak over 68 different languages.

The Miami area began as a tiny settlement along the Miami River, now transformed into a bustling international tourist and commerce center. Today, more than 100 financial institutions and 300 Fortune 500 corporations do business through regional and worldwide headquarters in Miami-Dade County.

Unfortunately, with all this business in the Miami-area, it remains inevitable that companies will run into issues with a debtor violating a contract to repay a debt for goods or services. This is where our collections lawyers can step in to assist.

Some businesses may rely on collections agencies or debt collectors to contact a debtor and convince them to pay up. The problem is that many of these entities may miss critical opportunities that can negatively impact recovery results.

Debt collectors commonly make phone calls and send out letters, giving up quickly when a debtor doesn’t respond. Experienced debt collection attorneys depend on correspondence and a network of collections experts and methods that produce the best possible results.

Although our firm may begin the process with a phone call, our collections lawyers won’t stop there. When debtors choose to avoid this initial correspondence, we will continue pursuing the case until we collect the debt or take things a step further to the litigation process.

Debt Collection Process and Procedures

Our team represents a diverse range of clientele from banks, credit unions, and large corporations to regional and small businesses. We assist these clients in every phase of debt collection, beginning with pre-charge off through collections litigation.

Our experienced legal firm devotes our full attention to representing our clients’ best interests regardless of the volume or dollar amount. We can achieve the highest possible success rate in debt collections cases while operating within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and every other applicable consumer protection statute in Florida and throughout the United States.

Debt collection services from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. extend to the domestication of foreign judgments under the Florida Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, Florida Statute §55.501.

With unparalleled experience in the execution and enforcement of post-judgment remedies, our firm remains the ideal solution to help South Florida companies with debt collection and enforcement of judgments and out-of-state companies with their debt collection as well.

Moreover, our firm will initiate proceedings supplementary and other actions to eliminate fraudulent conveyances under Florida Law. We will also conduct exhaustive inquiries into debtor finances to facilitate execution and garnishment actions.

Collections Lawyer Miami | The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L.

No matter the source of your debt collection claim, the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. can answer your questions and guide you through the complex legal waters associated with debt collection law in Florida.

We abide by state and federal fair debt collection statutes to ensure that we efficiently and properly collect the money owed to your company from unpaid invoices, accounts receivable, judgments, bad checks, credit applications, and fees.

To learn more about a debt collections lawyer in the Miami-area from our firm and what our experienced attorneys can do for you, contact the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. by calling (786) 373-3757 today!

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