Creditor Bankruptcy Representation in West Palm Beach

Creditor Bankruptcy Representation in West Palm Beach

Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy Cases

When dealing with debt collection, creditors often feel like bankruptcy law helps protect debtors more than the creditors themselves. Fortunately, creditors also have various rights under Florida bankruptcy law in any debt collection scenario.

As bankruptcy cases proceed in Florida, the courts work to help businesses and individuals restructure their debts while overseen by a bankruptcy court. Although a creditor or debt collector may feel like they don’t have rights, creditor bankruptcy representation in West Palm Beach from qualified legal firms like the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. can assist.

It is important to remember that a debtor simply filing for bankruptcy will initiate what is known as an “automatic stay”. This is an automatic injunction imposed by the court that forces all creditors to cease collection activities immediately.

Consequently, creditors can rely on their legal representation to file motions with a bankruptcy court to grant relief from this injunction. The creditors can then begin collection and litigation once again. 

In any debt collection and debtor bankruptcy situation, creditors must seek relief from an automatic stay as soon as possible. This will help them expedite the debt collection process instead of waiting for courts to grant liquidation of debtor assets.

How do Florida Bankruptcy Cases Work?

Bankruptcy cases will often begin with debtors filing for bankruptcy by petitioning the court. Individuals, spouses, and businesses as well can file a bankruptcy petition.

Florida courts require that debtors submit a statement that contains information on their assets, income, debts/liabilities, in addition to the name and address of any creditors. This disclosed information additionally outlines the monetary amounts the debtor owes.

Filing a petition can alleviate the pressure from encroaching debtors with the automatic stay. As long as the injunction remains in effect, a creditor cannot continue their collection activities. This includes actions like lawsuits, wage garnishment, and contact through the phone or mail.

The creditor will receive a notice that a debtor filed for bankruptcy. After filing for bankruptcy, a debtor can take the time to plan, as well as reorganize their financial situation while attempting to repay their debts.

In any debtor bankruptcy case, time is of the essence for creditors attempting to reclaim even a portion of their rightful property. While the bankruptcy court may attempt to initiate asset liquidation, the debt may have little to no value assets to liquidate. This can create a scenario with issues and disputes over asset value and the debtor’s ability to pay.

Without action from creditors, bankruptcy courts may choose to enable a debtor to discharge debts. A discharge essentially removes debtor liability to repay specific debts to creditors.

Without creditor bankruptcy representation in West Palm Beach from an experienced attorney, creditors can lose everything. If the court begins to discharge debtor assets in a bankruptcy situation, a creditor must secure the legal representation they need for the best possible outcome while representing their rights in bankruptcy court.

What Rights Do Creditors Have in Debtor Bankruptcy?

Creditors have rights to a debtor’s remaining debts, even in cases where a debt involves priority and secured debts. An experienced creditor rights attorney can guide their clients through the situation, making the right choices that impact the outcome of a debtor’s bankruptcy hearing.

This could include something as seemingly simple as filing a proof of claim during bankruptcy. Failing to submit this documentation quickly can impact the creditor’s right to debtor assets significantly.

Creditors will still face various legal issues during any bankruptcy case. Experienced creditor bankruptcy representation in West Palm Beach ensures that a creditor can reclaim their rightful property from a debtor and ensure not only debt collection can continue, but that creditors maintain their right to property during asset liquidation.

Creditor Bankruptcy Representation in West Palm Beach | Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L.

When a debtor files for bankruptcy in the state of Florida, this does not mean that a creditor no longer has a right to pursue the debt. Creditors have a right to collect assets and repayment for what the debtor owes.

The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. is an experienced firm offering creditor bankruptcy representation in West Palm Beach, as well as throughout the United States to various lenders, banks, financial institutions, and creditors.

Reach out to our firm today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We can help you obtain the best possible outcome in a debtor bankruptcy case.

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