Creditor Rights Attorney in Miami-Dade

Creditor Rights Attorney in Miami-Dade

When Do You Need a Creditor Rights Attorney in Miami-Dade?

When you loan money but are unable to recover your losses from a debtor on your own, a creditor rights attorney in Miami-Dade like our team from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. may help you get your property back.

These legal professionals protect creditor rights and their ability to collect debts from individuals and businesses. They work to settle disputes between creditors and debtors attempting to collect money, guiding them toward the best course of action to get your property back.

Suppose you have difficulty getting debtors to repay you. In that case, a creditor rights attorney in Miami-Dade will suggest strategies and options to reclaim the loan while representing you in court if this is the best action.

Some situations may involve arguments and negotiation with debtors as well. Creditor attorneys may act as mediations or negotiators to reclaim a fair amount of the money owed. Ultimately, creditor rights attorneys like ours clear up any questions or concerns that creditors like you may have about collecting their debt.

What to Expect from a Creditor Rights Attorney in Miami-Dade?

In any debt collection scenario, you should expect that you’ll receive at least some portion of your money back from a debtor. If you don’t yet have your money, the right legal professional should implement a plan in place to ensure you get it back. They may recommend settling in or out of court. However, taking a case to court remains a much more involved procedure.

In any case, there remains a chance that you cannot recover the full loan from a debtor. Unfortunately, sometimes debtors cannot pay or may owe more than one creditor preventing them from paying. They might also choose not to repay you altogether.

Any debt collection situation should involve hiring a creditor rights attorney to help guide you through the process. This will drastically increase your chances of earning back the money that is rightfully yours, or as much of this debt as possible.

What to Do When Debtors Fail to Pay

Your right as a creditor is to obtain satisfaction from the debtor. Nonetheless, this may depend on the specific type of debt they owe you.

Secured debt is debt that is attached to a property, like when a debtor takes out a loan to purchase the property. The debt remains secured by the house or land itself. When debtors fail to pay their mortgage, creditors may take the property to repay the debt note.

Unsecured debt involves debt attached to no property. Credit card debt is a good example of debt unsecured by property like a house or car.

When customers fail to repay a debt, various remedies exist to help collect the money from the debtor. You could hire a collection agency to make “cold calls” and send letters in an attempt to coerce their repayment. 

Although this isn’t inherently a bad idea and creditor rights attorneys do much of this same initial work, something about a strongly worded letter on legal stationery with the full weight and ramifications of court action often seems to get debtors to open up negotiations and resolution actions.

No matter secured or unsecured debt, a legal professional, is the ideal method for a positive resolution through garnishment, foreclosure, repossession, and other debt collection resolutions.

Creditor Rights Attorney in Miami-Dade | The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L.

Creditor rights and debt collection cases remain complex, multi-disciplinary legal actions. Our attorneys from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. represent secured and unsecured creditors, including large and small clients from large banks and corporations to local business owners in Florida, as well as all over the United States.

These legal actions require a wide variety of legal specialties. Our firm implements a team approach and multifaceted tactics to exhaust every option and resource for our creditor clients to ensure that their legal rights remain protected while dealing with their debt collection situations.

In the complex field of creditor rights litigation, disputes will inevitably arise. When trial becomes necessary, our seasoned trial attorneys have a proven track record of trying complex matters.

The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. understand dedication in working closely with creditors to develop and implement effective, creative strategies to help achieve objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

To learn more about securing a creditor rights attorney in Miami-Dade County or anywhere in the United States, reach out to our experienced law firm today for more information!

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