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Florida creditors considering seeking litigation have come through our doors for years. Consistently, they’ve walked back out with smiles on their faces. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. provide Florida creditors with much-needed help as they navigate the treacherous waters of collecting on debts owed to them. Through expert, thoughtful, reasonable, and compassionate litigation and the handling of debts in pre-litigation, we get our clients successful outcomes.

To arrange a consultation with one of our commercial litigation attorneys, call (844) 448-6237 or (844) 4-HUMBERT. Our attorneys await the chance to work with you and help recover the money you are owed. 

Our numerous areas of practice cover every aspect of the debt collection process a Florida creditor could find themselves mired in, including:

Debt Collection & Enforcement of Judgements

Collecting on debts owed to you and enforcing legal judgments regarding their payment is often regarded as one of the most highly unpleasant parts of participating within the Florida legal system — even to lawyers and judges. If you are in Florida and are looking for a debt collection and judgment enforcement process that cuts down on the confusion, chaos, and cruelty so frequently associated with this field, The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert can provide you with a custom plan that meets your goals.

Domestication of Foreign Judgments

Judgments from out of state can prove to be even more loathsome to deal with than those based out of your own backyard. We take the pressure down a notch by handling the domestication of foreign judgments with our efficiency and professionalism, honed from many years of experience in delivering optimal results to our out-of-state clients.

Asset Searches

For a creditor, it is vital to know whether a defendant is actually even collectible before ever filing suit. While the moral victory of a judgment in their favor might satisfy some, for most, the primary or only point of a debt collection suit is to, in fact, collect. The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert are happy to run asset searches to determine the viability of a prospective suit on behalf of all of our creditor clients.

Proceedings Supplementary in Florida

Despite its status as the “diamond in the rough” of post-judgment collections, the Florida proceedings supplementary statute is rarely used by creditors collecting judgment — to the absolute shock and awe of our attorneys. Uncovering the fraudulent real estate and stock transfers engaged in by a shocking number judgment debtors is one of the most vital services we provide to the creditors we serve.

Writs of Garnishment

Writs of garnishment are of the most notorious legal traps and are fraught with only the most oppressive of deadlines. Failure to abide by these statutes more often than not results in the dissolution of the garnishment entirely. That means that you, the judgment creditor, don’t ever end up seeing what you are owed in the end. Our attorneys are highly experienced in the use of garnishments as potent collections tools and can make the difference between the actual success of your debt collection and its enforcement.

Executions (Seizure and Sale) of Real and Personal Property

Executing on judgment debtors’ real and personal property is a highly effective collection tool for recovering an unpaid judgment. However, creditors and their inexperienced attorneys very often miss critical initial requirements for properly recording their judgment. This effectively inhibits and delays execution proceedings and results in the failure of creditors to actually collect on what they are owed. Our experienced attorneys are glad to provide our guidance on these matters.

Charging Orders

Matters can get very complicated if a judgment debtor has a membership interest in a Florida LLC. In this case, a charging order can imposed to execute on the debtor’s interest. Whether the relevant LLC is single-member or multi-member, The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert have successfully handled charging orders for many years and gotten our creditor clients what they deserve.

We at Paul A. Humbert strive to mitigate any bleak judgments about the debt collection process whether it has yet turned litigious or not — and for you and your debtor alike. With our commitment to professionalism, rationality, and sensitivity, we will return to you what you’re rightfully owed. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for your free consultation; we are here at your service.