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Enforcement of Judgments With Debt Collection

It is fair to say that no individual wants to spend their time in court, especially over troublesome financial issues. Even when achieving victory in your case in court, you still are out valuable time and money in the case. Litigation in cases of this nature frequently cost more and take up more of your time than negotiating a settlement outside of court, and winning a judgment in the case, unfortunately, doesn’t guarantee payment. In these situations, sometimes debt collections services in Miami from a qualified attorney are necessary.

Often, the threat of a court case is enough to persuade a debtor to repay a debt or negotiate a settlement. The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. do not necessarily utilize our resources to sue a debtor, but instead, engage in assisting our clients with their collection efforts to achieve a higher chance of repayment. The majority of our cases are successfully resolved without having to set foot in front of a judge.

The Benefits of Creditors Debt Collection Services in Miami

Effective Florida attorneys are better equipped to reclaim outstanding debts than the traditional routes of attempting collections yourself or utilizing the services of a collections agency. Collections agencies are often hindered by their lack of in-house legal resources and the general inability to pursue legal action that can often be the only resort when dealing with a debtor. Most credit collections firms are unfortunately ill-equipped from a legal standpoint or an inexperienced in the local legalities that are often necessary to achieve the optimal outcome of reclaiming your rightful property in the form of a debt. Creditors Debt Collection Services in Miami from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. provides your company with a legal outlet that is able to use the proper legal channels in order to reclaim a debt that may otherwise be lost to you.

A payment that has not been received by a creditor within 90 days is statistically unlikely to be repaid at all, at least not willingly. Even the largest companies in the United States experience these issues with debt collection, and lawsuits often happen relatively frequently as a causality. Enlisting Creditors Debt Collection Services as soon as possible from a qualified South Florida law firm is vital to achieve the best possible outcome of reclaiming your debt.

An important facet to consider is that once you have enlisted a debt collections company there is little to no likelihood of reclaiming the entirety of your debt in full. Debt collections agencies are based upon many of the aspects as an attorney, a success, percentage-based income, meaning that a collections agency will be retaining a percentage of the overall debt as payment for the services that they have provided your company. This comes directly out of the total debt owed to you, ensuring that full payment will not be yours even upon 100% completion in reclaiming of the debt.

Alternatively, debt collection services in Miami from a qualified South Florida attorney, can achieve the resolution and reclaim your debt while defending your legal right to your property and is often able to accomplish this in a far shorter amount of time than a collections agency. People have a propensity to take things a bit more serious and do so more timely when receiving a strongly worded letter bolstered by the backing of legal action on an attorney’s stationary, than that of alternative methods of collections.

Overcoming a debt collections dispute, and ultimately reclaiming what is rightfully yours can be a trying and times taking experience. The legal system doesn’t always operate at the maximum speed that we would all appreciate, and as time goes on it can be damaging to your resources, especially when small, or start-up businesses become engaged in the process.

Debt Collection Settlements

A debt collection settlement is essentially a good faith agreement that takes place between the creditor and debtor that involves the debtor paying a portion, and sometimes the entirety of the debt. These agreements will ordinarily involve a modification of the debt total or a payment plan that is mutually beneficial for both the creditor and the debtor.

The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. in South Florida

If you are a company that conducts business, or is located in the South Florida area and are involved in a debt collections dispute, you may begin to feel like giving up on the debt. This is common as debtors are often difficult to track down, and reclaiming your rightful property can be even more difficult. Paul A. Humbert, P.L. and his team of expert attorneys provide a legal resource to obtain what is rightfully yours and hold debtors accountable in a court of law.

Florida law offers several protections and perks for those affected by financial issues, even being referred to as a “debtor’s haven.” Your company should have the same benefits afforded to them. Though lawmakers in Florida may not agree, you still can have the legal aid and debt collections services in Miami from a qualified South Florida attorney.

The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. have litigated for and represented several clients in matters of debt collection, and have the experience necessary to achieve a judgment in your favor in a local Florida court. For more information on debt collections services in Miami, or how our firm may be able to help you with any legal matter, please contact one of our legal professionals today!

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