Solve a Commercial Dispute in South Florida

Solve a Commercial Dispute in South Florida

What Can an Attorney Do to Solve a Commercial Dispute in South Florida?

While handling demanding timelines and workloads, businesses may overlook issues when attempting to solve commercial disputes. After all, business law regulates the conduct concerning merchants and other individuals or entities involved in:

  • Commerce
  • Trade
  • Sales

Resolving business disputes remains not only complicated but expensive as well. For businesses and corporations, disputes can reach the million-dollar price tag mark before finalizing a court case.

For small businesses, they may think a handshake confirms an agreement only for an understanding an owner took for granted to devolve into a messy legal dispute. Parties challenging a company can additionally feel overwhelmed attempting to solve a commercial dispute in South Florida due to the company’s immense legal resources.

No matter the situation, everyone involved will be angling to achieve the best possible outcome in the case. A commercial law attorney can offer legal research, advice, and any other type of service that a business needs to protect itself or fight a claim.

How Does a Commercial Dispute Occur?

Business law should remain a focus for any company. Qualified legal attorneys keep abreast of current commercial laws that govern business issues and disputes that could arise. 

A business owner may experience a dispute with partners or the contractors they work with. Fortunately, the legal system provides various ways of resolving business disputes, including turning to the courtroom system. 

A business attorney can help a company choose and arrange the right technique to solve a commercial dispute in South Florida. These remedies may include anything from choosing the right partner or contractor from the get-go, or simply doing the right things to reduce the potential impact on a business.


Negotiation represents one of the most common ways of resolving legal disputes. Our team from the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. often advises clients to try negotiating with the other party before engaging in any legal action. 

Negotiation commonly involves one party attempting to create a resolution through a one-on-one conversation. These discussions are often carried out in private while enabling various solutions that are off the table in the courtroom. Any legal negotiation is approached professionally and calmly without making accusations against the other party.


The primary objective of mediation is for a neutral third party to assist disputants to reach a consensus on their own accord. Mediators will often assist both parties by guiding them to identify issues with the dispute. This ensures they reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Nevertheless, the agreement the parties reach during mediation remains unbinding until put in writing and signed by both parties.

Mediation serves as an excellent alternative dispute resolution procedure for parties that wish to retain control when resolving their conflicts. The effective platform helps parties vent their feelings while exploring their grievances.


Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution procedure used in situations where both parties’ negotiation ability has broken down entirely. This is usually a private scenario with both parties and their legal representation attempting to solve the commercial dispute in South Florida

Nonetheless, arbitration may only occur when both parties agree to participate and present their arguments to a neutral panel. In this case, it remains best to seek legal advice before reaching arbitration because the determination that an arbitrator makes is legally binding for any parties involved.

Business Litigation

Litigation involves one party starting legal action against the other to help defend or enforce their legal rights. Consequently, litigation is best utilized as a last resort option to help resolve disputes with contractors or partners.

Business litigation provides a structured procedure, enforced, and governed by the courts. When a judge provides their verdict, the process is finalized. Before beginning legal actions to attempt to solve a commercial dispute in South Florida, it is important to note that litigation remains a time-consuming and expensive process.

Solve a Commercial Dispute in South Florida | The Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L.

For any company that experiences difficulties resolving disputes with a business partner or contractor, reaching out for legal advice before taking any steps to solve a commercial dispute in South Florida remains crucial to a positive outcome.

Legal specialists can guide their clients on the best court to provide the desired results for their clients and the businesses themselves. Furthermore, they’ll walk clients through the dispute resolution process when necessary to ensure the best results. To learn more, reach out to the Law Offices of Paul A. Humbert, P.L. today!

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